About Creative Junction クリエイティブ・ジャンクションについて


Creative Junction is a Yangon-based non-profit group for culture promotion and assistance of Myanmar creators. Myanmar has a long history and rich culture, but some of them ware declined in the long military junta. Even today, chances to learn art and express their works are limited. Creative Junction will carry out activities to encourage art and culture for the next generation in corporate with international actors.



  • Human Resource development of creators
  • Research on Myanmar art and culture
  • Introduction of Myanmar culture to overseas country
  • International cultural exchange (with Japan, Asia, World)
  • Production and assistance of contents about art and culture
  • Activities to spread intellectual properties in Myanmar
  • クリエイターの人材育成
  • ミャンマー文化の研究
  • ミャンマー文化の世界への紹介
  • ミャンマーと日本、もしくはアジア・世界の文化交流
  • 文化に関するコンテンツの制作
  • 知的所有権に関する啓もう活動



Established the group. Started to save fund for activities.


Started to support translation of Myanmar Comics.

Corporation for documentary film about lethwaim, Myanmar traditional boxing.







 We founded this group with personal donations. Yuki Kitazumi-Linn Nyan Htun foundation is also supporting us. Fund for activities are donated by “Yangon Media Professionals”, which has been saving a part of their profit with writing report for news site “ AURA Mekong Art Project.” And many other supporters helped our activities. Now we are not registered, but we are planning to be registered in Myanmar authorities.

 団体の創設にあたっては、個人からの寄付を財源としました。また、Yuki Kitazumi-Linn Nyan Htun基金 の支援を受け、互いに協力して事業を行なっています。日々の活動資金は、ミャンマー美術を紹介するニュースサイト「AURA Mekong Art Project」への記事執筆を行なっている「ヤンゴン編集プロダクション」が、同サイトから受け取る原稿料の中から一定額を拠出しています。このほか、内外の有志や団体の協力で成り立っています。現在は任意団体の形ですが、ミャンマー当局への登録の申請を予定しています。


Secretary: Linn Nyan Htun

Secretary: Yuki Kitazumi